Jumbo Seven Segments 4, 5, 8, 10 and 12 inch


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Best wishes for the new year…

“Its not about how many years of experience you have. Its about the quality of your years of experience.”

– Jacob Cass, Logo of the Day.


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1996 Cincinnati Milacron Falcon 200 CNC lathe machine – repair and refurbishment step 1

This time I got a very interesting client with interesting request. Client imported 1996 Cincinnati falcon 200 CNC Lathe machine. Comparatively to the new Chinese lathe machines this one is a solid beast even though it’s uses 1996 technology. Its 15 years old but still good as new.

However the machine is not working because of few faults. But all of the faults are electronic and software related faults. Below are the identified faults.

1) Acramatic 2100 Control System Real time processor board is dead
Main system is booting up properly but the real time processor board is not booting up at all. It may be because of on-board power section fault. Used boards are available but for shitty price. So not worth to buy a used board.
So I have to throw away the whole Acramatic 2100 Computer System and install a new industrial PC with a MACH4 or china GSK system, by the way which I hate to use. (Its feel like a command line PC no GUI at all. And this is almost 2016 right ?)

2) Cincinnati Milacron PSR 4/5 Power Supply Module – No power.
This must be repairable. If the proprietary controller chips are good other discrete components can be fixed. However if the power supply is completely dead I may have to remove the whole system and use new servo and spindle drivers. Will cost more but it will be an investment for the future.

3) Cincinnati Timer Relays – Dead but totally compatible with other models.

4) OAC24A (Solid State Relays) – Few of them are missing and some are not working properly. This model is kind of obsolete but still available to buy. So won’t be much of an issue.

Above are the known faults and I’ll update the project report as it develop.

Above is the DEAD PC.


And this is the CNC system

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Precision Digital Clock – Synchronous

Product Features

Digital Clock

  • High visibility 4” 7-segment display (Double Side)
  • Time format – 12/24 hours.
  • 4 Digit Display – HH:MM
  • Available colors – RED & PURE GREEN.
  • Wireless time synchronizing function. (Internet or Local Network Time)
  • Time adjustment also could be done via the buttons.
  • Precession time keeping and built in lithium battery.


  • Our unique low frequency wireless could easily cover your premises.

Power Supply

  • 230 VAC Input.
  • 12 VDC Input

Product Quality

  • Built for industrial use.

Note – Contact me to design your own customized precision digital clock system.

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Wireless Synchronized Precision Digital Clocks – 5 Inch Single Side

Wireless Synchronized Precision Digital Clocks – 5 Inch Single Side
If your production line is time sensitive, then precision and synchronized clock system is a must have item. With OptoElectronics.lk precision clocks you could easily mange your valuable production staff.

User friendly software will synchronize all the clocks around your premises wirelessly to your local server time.



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Precision Analog Synchronized Clocks – GPS Time Signal Generator

All of these wave ceptor analog clocks are hooked up to a 12VDC power rail. And digital clock in the video is generating radio signals to synchronize the clocks to the precise time. And the digital clock is synching the time periodically with a GPS module. In case of a power failure I have integrate TCXO RTC. I have tested these clocks for almost a year,  they never miss a second. Pretty amazing digital-mechanical beauty.

Some of my clients hate digital clocks. They specifically order precision analog clocks.


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Wave Ceptor Analog Clock – Time Synchronizing

Both of these clocks are Wave Ceptor type tnalog clocks. In below video you could see how they synchronizing the time automatically to the current time precisely.

In Sri Lanka we do not have any time signal broadcasting. So I’ve thought to generate my own time signal and transmit around my premises. 🙂

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Synchronizing Analog Wave Ceptor Clock With My Own Time Signal

Analog clock is a wave ceptor type. But in Sri Lanka, radio frequency time signal isn’t available. So I’ve  generated my own time signal to synchronize the analog clock with my other digital clocks.

As you could see in the video below, it automatically set the hands for the precise time.


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Precision Industrial Digital Clocks.

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Accurate Digital Vernier Caliper.

For every hobbyist who’s in to electronics, must have a vernier caliper.
Most of the best brands are over expensive. There are cheap ones but then the accuracy is a question…

Then I found the GUANGLU brand and bought 6″ version with USB funtion.
I have been using it for several months, for the moment its pretty damn precession. But unfortunately even though it has micro USB port it just cant plug the device to the PC and start measuring. For the USB function they sell another converter type thingy.

But how ever I could recommend GUANGLU calipers for any one who needs reasonably priced accurate digital caliper.

And by the way it cost me around 40USD (6000/= LKR).

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