Express PCBs


With a years of experience in the product development, manufacturing, assembly and testing of professional printed boards, offers high-quality, professional services in a cost effective manner.

You could check the quality from below attached images.

Material Type                 – FR4
Thickness                        – 1.6mm
Minimum track pitch  – 0.5mm
Minimum drill hole      – 0.8mm
Maximum PCB Size      – 24 inch x 24 inch (2 feet x 2 feet)
Layers                               – Single Only
Solder mask                    – No but with clear protective flux coating.
Silk screen                       – Top only.
File format                       – Gerber files or 1:1 PDF files.
Delivery time                  – 7 days.
Local Delivery                 – via local courier service
International Delivery – FedEx, DHL, UPS with a tracking number.

Price per square inch    – 100LKR or 0.70USD
MOQ                                   – 5pcs

Contact for more details.

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