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Cheap unbranded capacitors – be aware…..

Capacitor that im reading here is 100nf or 104J so the actual value would be around +/- 100. But surprisingly the actual value is 21.71nF…..

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Super fine and One day PCB Print service from me.

If you in a hurry and if you need fast super fine PCB prints contact me. Size doesn’t matter but if it’s exceeds the A4 paper size contact me first.

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Fuji PXR Series Wireless & Wired Temperature Data Logging Software.

Each module can be connect wirelessly or wired. Logged data will be saved on a database.        

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TL431 Shunt Regulator Calculator.

The reason for make this app is I needed to adjust the out put of some SMPS power supplies. Then when I reverse engineering it I saw the TL431 define the out-put voltage. So here it is… Download Link –

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Cordless Battery Soldering Iron

HAKKO FX-901 This item is unbelievably useful when in site maintenance. But the downside is max temp is 300C.

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