SOIC8 to DIP8 Break Out board for LM5007

This brake out board I made for LM5007 chip. How ever this PCB board print isn’t good as I expected. But this board is the smallest PCB that I have ever built.



About pasanlaksiri

I am K.G. Pasan Laksiri Karunanayake and founder of Since 2011 I have specialized in designing custom electronics for industrial applications. Over the years I have engineered a broad range of custom industrial products. When I work with a client I place a very high value on integrity, honesty and clear communication. With years of field experience I have learned that all business relationships are personal relationships. The more I know about the client and his project, the more I can contribute to a successful end product. After I learn about the client requirement I always give them the better understanding and clear picture about, how the end product will function in real world. In addition to the client requirement, I also offer lots of options, features and improvements. And I always very concern about the end product quality.
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6 Responses to SOIC8 to DIP8 Break Out board for LM5007

  1. Heh Great Job! as long as it works ! I need to start making small PCBs like that for the shop. Would sell them for cheap too!


    • pasanlaksiri says:

      He he Thanks Jason. Yeah your shop looks so damn cool. Agreed these type of brake out boards does have some demand than we think you know.


      • Hey Pasan, let me ask you this.. with small breakouts like this which is SOIC and SSOP. You think they need to be numbered ? or just have a #1 pin marking ?


      • pasanlaksiri says:

        Exactly I also thought that when I do the artwork. Jason my mini board isn’t exactly for DIP8 its bigger than DIP8 because of the orientation of the chip. This board is just only for test the chip.

        Plz look at the image below. If you print a board like that the pad size will be small. So soldering the chip on to the breakout board will need more practice. So I think it will not be a board for a novice.
        But on the other hand pin numbering will not be necessary.


        If you print boards like below all the pins must be numbered clearly. And also SOIC8 and SOIC8 Wide both chips can be solder on to these types of boards.


  2. Ah nice! When i say DIP i mean DIL basically the form of a DIP but not the exact same size. This way it fits on a breadboard but you dont have to be a soldering guru to do it. Ill get some PCBs made and send you a couple. When they come in i will sell in store for like $0.75 or something.. probably cheaper. 😀


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