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13 Feet Long LED Signage. 6656 Ultra Bright LEDs.

This LED Signage is 13 feet long and it contain 6656 Ultra Bright LEDs.  I took me like two and half weeks to solder all of them. ( GUYS PLEASE I CANT SHARE ANY INFO about my monster sign boards. Its … Continue reading

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Bag Full of LED cut out pins

After soldering over 6000 LEDs, I ended up with bag full of LED cut out pins. It took me nearly three weeks for solder over 6000 LEDs.

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Yippee… Got a 700W Gordak 952-D Compositive Soldering Station

Now I will be able to rip some chips off. Its comes with lovely VFD Display. Pretty cool. Descriptions and Specs ESD safe and powerful design, stability resistant ground. PID controlled closed loop of sensor, rapid heating, precise and stable … Continue reading

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Have you seen my new Low Cost thru-hole and SMD soldering iron ?

Its a chinese product. For a guy like me do not need very expensive industry stranded soldering iron. So I bought this cheap but effective thru-hole and SMD soldering iron. They also say its fully ESD safe. And comes with … Continue reading

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Its Coming Soon.

Guys my Monster displays are coming soon. I recently purchase 6000 RED OVAL 3.2V High Bright LEDs. My Display size will be like 64 X 128. It will be Insanely bright Mini Monster Display. After this project I’m planing go … Continue reading

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