Inside of 19CM IR GYRO 3CH Mini Helicopter.

This is my 5th mini helicopter. These helis have some fancy LED ligths. Its reduce the flying time. So I remove the cover for cut off all the LEDs and replace 150mA LIPO battery with 240mA LIPO. Took some pics before the modifications.


About pasanlaksiri

I am K.G. Pasan Laksiri Karunanayake and founder of Since 2011 I have specialized in designing custom electronics for industrial applications. Over the years I have engineered a broad range of custom industrial products. When I work with a client I place a very high value on integrity, honesty and clear communication. With years of field experience I have learned that all business relationships are personal relationships. The more I know about the client and his project, the more I can contribute to a successful end product. After I learn about the client requirement I always give them the better understanding and clear picture about, how the end product will function in real world. In addition to the client requirement, I also offer lots of options, features and improvements. And I always very concern about the end product quality.
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2 Responses to Inside of 19CM IR GYRO 3CH Mini Helicopter.

  1. dilan silva says:

    dear pasan it so amazing


  2. Dinuka says:

    hay another one….try to keep it in one piece machan


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