Maxim One Wire DS1820 Test #2__1-Wire Parasite-Power Digital Thermometer

DS1820 is very old obsolete sensor. Its identical replacement sensor is DS18S20. But some how in our local market DS1820 is still available for cheap price. So I bought few of them to test Maxims One Wire Protocol.

About pasanlaksiri

I am K.G. Pasan Laksiri Karunanayake and founder of Since 2011 I have specialized in designing custom electronics for industrial applications. Over the years I have engineered a broad range of custom industrial products. When I work with a client I place a very high value on integrity, honesty and clear communication. With years of field experience I have learned that all business relationships are personal relationships. The more I know about the client and his project, the more I can contribute to a successful end product. After I learn about the client requirement I always give them the better understanding and clear picture about, how the end product will function in real world. In addition to the client requirement, I also offer lots of options, features and improvements. And I always very concern about the end product quality.
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3 Responses to Maxim One Wire DS1820 Test #2__1-Wire Parasite-Power Digital Thermometer

  1. Colin says:

    Dear Pasan
    I baught some of the DS items unfortunately it gives negative readings can it be calibrated to proper


    • pasanlaksiri says:

      Hi Mr. Colin,

      Yes you bought it from that shop right. There is some thing wrong with their stock. They said most of the people that who bought the temp sensor report the same problem. It is not your software error. I test those with my sensors ( imported from Farnel ) Software is working perfectly with Farnel sensors but not with those sensors. So the those sensors must be defective.


  2. mikro says:

    faced the sama problem…


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