Intelligent LP Gas Leakage Detector

LP Gas Leakage can be very dangerous because it increases the risk of Fire or deadly Explosion. In modern homes and buildings are fully equipped with fully automatic security systems that stop the supply of the gas as soon a leakage is detected.

But unfortunately those detectors are pretty much expensive. That’s why I build this simple and very sensitive LP Gas Detector. This detector will turn on the Relay, buzzer and Red LED as soon as a leakage takes place. Detector will warn you via a Red LED and a Buzzer that sounds as long as the leakage occurs, stopping only when the problem disappears. This detector is calibrated to detect gas up to 10% of the L.E.L (Low Explosion Limit). Small gas quantities coming out from the left open cookers for some MINUTES do not cause the gas detector alarm signaling even if it is clearly nose perceptible; in fact the quantity of gas presents in the environment can be under the alarm threshold.

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LP Gas Cut Off valve.
Normally closed solenoid valve that open automatically when the coil is powered and close automatically when there is no tension.

More info about the valve :

And below images contains commercialized little expensive LP Gas Detectors.

More info about the product :

About pasanlaksiri

I am K.G. Pasan Laksiri Karunanayake and founder of Since 2011 I have specialized in designing custom electronics for industrial applications. Over the years I have engineered a broad range of custom industrial products. When I work with a client I place a very high value on integrity, honesty and clear communication. With years of field experience I have learned that all business relationships are personal relationships. The more I know about the client and his project, the more I can contribute to a successful end product. After I learn about the client requirement I always give them the better understanding and clear picture about, how the end product will function in real world. In addition to the client requirement, I also offer lots of options, features and improvements. And I always very concern about the end product quality.
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