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HT1632 successfully interfaced with PIC MCU

I successfully interfaced HT1632 chip with PIC mcu today. The data sheet does not contains that much literature. Because of that interfacing this module makes little harder. Pics youtube video link Some of the blurb: 2416 Dot Matrix Red … Continue reading

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IDC Ribbon Connector Crimp Tool

I use IDC Connectors to connect PCBs each other. Ribbon cables makes the project less messy. That why I like these types of connectors.

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Pulsing LED Third Brake Light

How its works ? Its pretty simple. As soon as you hit the brakes Third Brake light will flash at 20Hz. And after 3 seconds Third Brake light will be Steady on. Why Pulsing Third Brake Light ? Because This … Continue reading

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384 LED Dot Matrix Display Module

Its a memory mapping LED display board and driven by HT1632 LED Display Controller. Serial Interface. Its easy to use this type of displays than make one with using some shift registers.

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Laser Diode Sony DVD Rw

very much like high power Lasers. I had old but working Sony DVD RW. I dismantle it for take out the laser Diode. Normally they are using High Power Lasers to Burn DVDs. Higher the Drive Writing Speed more stronger … Continue reading

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Missing Fan Blades

This is one of my extremely crazy friend’s CPU cooler fan. He said he directly aim the vacuum cleaner (JetForce 2200W vacuum) to processor area and try to brush off some dust. He said processor fan spin back words and … Continue reading

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This much Dust ! Yeah its my PC. Im Shocked

After one and half years of continuous service its looks like this. Its still working. After a clean up I fit it to a new casing

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High Power LED Lightings are now Available in SL too

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Super Bright White LED Driver ( 30 LEDs )

This unit is constant current LED Driver with voltage booster. Its perfect for emergency lighting. Its really low power. Current drain is around 190mA at 12V. See the below picture. I took it without the camera flasher at pitch black … Continue reading

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My Lovely G900 Unboxing

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