DIY Atmel 89 Series Device Programmer

Powerful programmer for the Atmel 89 series of microcontrollers that includes 89C51/52/55, 89S51/52/55 and many more.

Simple to use & low cost, yet powerful flash microcontroller programmer for the Atmel 89 series. It will Program, Read and Verify Code Data, Write Lock Bits, Erase and Blank Check. All fuse and lock bits are programmable. This programmer has intelligent onboard firmware and connects to the serial port. It can be used with any type of computer and requires no special hardware. All that is needed is a serial communication port which all computers have.

* Supports major Atmel 89 series devices
* Auto Identify connected hardware and devices
* Error checking and verification in-built
* Lock of programs in chip supported to prevent program copying
* 20 and 40 pin ZIF socket on-board
* Auto Erase before writing and Auto Verify after writing
* Informative status bar and access to latest programmed file
* Simple and Easy to use
* Works on 57600 speed

PCB Top Layout


And I use below Simple Programmer to burn the controller chip

Cheap Loader Cable of Asim’s ISP for 89S51 89S52

Download Links : – Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

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94 thoughts on “DIY Atmel 89 Series Device Programmer

  1. anh a. anh co the cho em xin file thiet ke bang orcad hay la proteo cai mach nap nay cua anh khong ? mach nap Atmel 89 Series Device Programmer ay
    cam on anh nhieu

  2. WOW, I have been searching for such a Programmer.
    Thats really nice…

    Thank You.

    1. Is there any Step-By-Step Tutorial for Newbies like me :(

    2. Can we Use SERIAL – to – USB converter to use this with LAPTOPS ?

    3. can we use Proload software new versions
    [ silly question, is it ? :( ]

  3. Mr. pasanlaksiri, can you send to me the circuit diagram and PCB of Atmel 89 Series Device Programmer, because I have made it, but it’s not work with my pcb.
    May be you can send to my email.
    (sir i will be very helpfull to u if u send me circuit diagram and PCB file of that design.plz it’s 3rd time i failed on this project.plz sir.)

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for this free circuit. I have build this circuit and the after fixing a few mistakes the software is now detecting the programmer. But, as soon as I tell it to load a hex file onto the target, it gives the following error : “ER03: Chip not detected”. Any ideas?

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  6. Dude i’m facing this problem of ERROR of chip not detected,
    I removed that Zener u said But no use!!!, my power supply is ok…
    what should i do???

      • 12V regulated… in my college there’s this same programmer and when we switch it on nd then proload 4.1 says chip not detected if there is no chip in the ZIF Socket, but when i try on it with the programer which i made it shows the following message when the ZIF socket is not loaded with a micro controller……

        0 bytes used
        byte counter 0

  7. your guess was right. programmer at our college also has the same problem you said earlier and i removed that zener and that worked.!!!!!!! but no use in my programmer… !

  8. i think i’ve soldered all well. i checked it with multimeter to check continuity nd short circuit.. but all was fine. k let me check it. i’ve prepared two pcb’s nd i got the same error…!!!

    0 bytes used
    byte counter 0

    may i know what is the meaning of that??
    my programmers firmware was detected in both the cases….

  9. k. thanks…i’ll check…. thanks for spending some precious time of yours for me .. keep in touch…

  10. DUDE………!!!!!!!!!! ITS ALRIGHT……..!!!!!!!!!!

    YOU ARE SUCH A GREAT FRIEND………..!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU VERY MUCH………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Amal

      Even i am facing the same problem (Firmware Detects but not IC) as u did.

      Can you please explain which resistor are u talking about and
      did u remove or keep the zener diode ?

      Is it mandatory to use 12v suppy, I am taking power from an adapter which gives around 10v.

  11. බොහොම ස්තුතියි මේ වගේ post එකක් දැම්මට.. මම මට වුවමනා කරුණු ටිකක් මේකෙන් හොයා ගත්තා….

    මට ප්‍රශ්න කීපයක් තියනවා අහන්න…

    * microcontroller එකක block diagram එකයි CPU architecture එකයි කියන්නෙ දෙකක්ද එකමද?

    * මට AT89 එකේ ඔය උඩ කියපු ඒවා දෙක හොයාගන්න පුලුවන් තැනක් කියන්න පුලුවන්ද?

    *AT89 එක පාවිච්චි කරන application මොනවාද?විශේශයෙන් AT89 ම ඒවාට පාවිච්චි කරන්නේ ඇයි කියලාත් කියන්න…

    ලොකු උදව්වක්…….. :)

  12. Hi,
    I need help!
    I make 89serie programmer single side PCB hex 4.1 in 89s52 I try pc software ProLoad 5.4 & 4.1 and MCU_PG all the same – Device timeout (chip not detected)!!!

    I make this programmer before two month and works fine, I use programmer several times and works fine. Today I start programming 89C2051 and got Chip not detected!!!

    Its not short circuit I use clear varnish to protect bottom side of PCB !!!!

    • Okay you said it worked two months back and now its not working. So clearly there must be some problem with your PCB. If your using Windows 7 run it as admin.
      Sorry I do not able to answer your question until I physically check the board.

  13. I resolve my problem today.
    Problem is in firmware hex 4.1!!!
    I just reprogram it with ver 4.4, and works fine.

    I surf on net I found lots complaining on that “device detect timeout”, even when people make several pcbs and all have the same error.
    No PCB problem, no short circuit I check several times, I have clearly protection film on bottom side of pcb.

    thanks anyway

    • Hi, lovely to here that you resolve your problem. But you know that programmer is burning chips for me more than 2 years now.
      Yes, people do complain about the programmer here and there. But when get to the point it always coz of bad parts, small cracks on the pcb, zenner problems and etc.
      It is always will be the best ever free programmer.

      • I was shocket when I try to program 89c2051, when I see that error message. I protect my pcb and keep it safe in box with other programmers in room 25C-27C. Also bottom of pcb is protected with clearly safety film. Also confused because programmes worked and now not – nothing changed on software or hardware. I start inspecting pcb with unimer (ohm), free eye, eye and magnifier 10x, pc usb microsocope x20 and short circuit or damage found. I check voltages on pcb on multiple points all ok. I try to uninstall program and install it again ProLoad 5.4. I try to change COM port settings, try to change to other com port but the same error. I get out all chips from their sockets 89S52, 74HC573, MAX232 and put in again, but without success to resolve error.

        I found S.S.4.4 firmware and put him into 89S52 and all works fine. I nothing else changing on board, just reprogram firmware and works.

      • I start inspecting pcb with unimer (ohm), free eye, eye and magnifier 10x, pc usb microsocope x20 and short circuit or damage not found.

        Sorry I forgot to put “not”

  14. Does anyone program 89c2051-24SI (SMD) with this programmer? Does it work?
    I try and get “device detect timeout”.
    I make DIP20 to SO20 pin to pin, adapter have shot wires as possible almost as dip socket.

    89c2051 DIP works fine now, but smd dont.

  15. I forgot to tell I check wires on dip20 to so20 adapter with soldered 89c2051-24si on it, all pins on adapter have contact with desired SMD pins, no short circuit between them.

  16. I just program 89c2051-24SI SMD via my DIP20 to SO20, with BlowIt programmer and works fine. After I try programmed uC in project circuit and works like charm.
    That means adapter and 89c2051 are ok!

    Twilight zone with Sunrom 89serie programmer!!!
    Something creapy is going with this programmer!!!

    89serie programmer works fine with all dip (89s51,52,89c2051) and not with 89c2051 smd!

  17. CONCLUSION !!!
    Sunrom 89serie programmer cant program 89C2051-24SI SMD !!!

    All DIP works fine, but 89C2051-24SI (SOMD) NOT!!!

    I supose this is because bad pcb design (single side used) long traces on pcb to 20-pin socket + traces on DIP20->SO20 adapter.
    Response time is greater than programmer allow.

    Adapter have shortest possible trace on pcb almost as DIP.
    Chip is soldered on adapter, and adapter and chip working on other programmers.

    I checked everything throught half day, components, pcb, all connections and short circuits. Checked pins direct from smd 89c2051 to desired longest pins or contacts on pcb on bottom and top. Checked short circuit wires on top. Resistors, zeners,… all checked!!!

    What to say I disapointed in this programmer, of course this is DIY (homemade).

  18. Hello sir,
    today i came across ur website. i find it very interesting. and i have a problem.
    I made that “Atmel 89 Series Device Prog”. I installed firmware 4.1 i.e for single side pcb using Asim’s Parallel port programmer.
    and its working now, but i don’t know it gives an error ” $F is not a valid integer value.”
    But sometimes it write some hex files without error, (2 out of 10). i m attaching screen shots of the error, Please help me with this. i worked on this project for 2 days.

    I have also tried its Firmware 4.4 but same problem. and i have tried it with proload 4.1 and 5.4 both. but same thing.

  19. Sir, i have tried the firmware given by u. but with it Its not detecting the hardware “Hardware Detect Timeout”
    I have done this with proload 4.1 and 5.4 .. Same problem.

  20. its giving the same error with the hex file u gave, i’hv tried this with 89s51 and 52. same error.
    I think i should make othe pcb board, can u give me some information about silk screen method. i watched youtube videos but they all are for Printing t-shirts etc.
    and which material have u used for ur pcb its black ????

  21. Hi
    Can you please send me the exe software
    Every time I try to download proload 4.1.exe I receive error code 404
    I cannot find it at any other sites.
    With many thanks

  22. Sir,!! Plz mention the EA/Vpp of 8051 and Rst/VPP of 20 pin ziff socket… I mean do i need to provide separate voltage to these pins or just directly short pins to emitter of Q1… ? Will be waiting for positive responce

  23. I’ve built this programmer once about 2 years ago, and it failed. Even no communication could be established from PC.

    Yesterday, I’ve read this page, and decide to build once again by redrawing the pcb using sprint layout 5.

    I use Asim Khan simple uploader to burn the firmware 4.4 into the at89S52, and carefully soldering after checking those tiny tracks.

    And … IT WORKS !!!

    and finally I know what caused the malfunction of my first built programmer.

    The firmware chip is loaded with TEXT file of the HEX file, not the binary code.

    If anyone interested with the layout, I can send you via e-mail.

    It’s really worth to built , as there as so many of these old chips spread around the junk box.

  24. Respected Pasanlaksiri Sir,
    I want to know 2 things :
    1. What stuff did you use to connect your hardware to your laptop?Did you use USB to RS232 cable or any other cable? Could u Please send me the pictures to explain PC to hardware communication?
    2. Can we use 40 pin IC socket instead of 40 pin ZIF socket to insert the 40 pin IC. Is there any problem with that? I am asking this thing because ZIF sockets are costlier than simple IC sockets.

  25. hi, pasanlaksiri
    I have seen your approach and your feedback these are really appreciatable
    I have also tried this programmer, it
    I receiving an error on proloar5.4, firmware v4 is that
    “Veirfy error at Address 1″
    And on proload4.1, firmware v4 is that
    “Verified Failed at 0″
    both error on 89c51
    Please help me

      • Hello Pasanlaksiri, Ya! it is auto detecting the chip, and all the process are completing well but on last step of verifying the written program it show that above mention error. I have already check my pcb its good.
        No I havent tried the 89SXX as firmwear chip
        And thanks for your reply

      • So finally i have gotten my problem solve by me self the only problem was the missing print on PCB
        I have used 89c51 as firmware IC
        Firmware version 4.1 double sided
        On Proloader V4.1
        Now its working and perfectly programming the 40pins and 20pins Microcontrollers

  26. Hi pasan,

    I build the isp programmer from the link provided by you by printing pcb and everything is neat and clean. When i try to program it using isp-pgm, it doesn’t detect chip and when i continue it says no response from uC. please help

    • I got lots of comments regarding this programmer. 99% of those problems because of PCB issues, Faulty Parts and Specially ZENNER Diodes.
      Another thing when you print the PCB, copper tracks may look fine, but please double check the PCB before you solder it.

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